This catalogue illustrates
with at least seven accidentals, these are
C-sharp major, C-flat major, A-sharp minor and A-flat minor.

Inspiration took place through the key of B-sharp major. With the use of enharmonic equivalents, no more than six accidentals are in common. Crossing this border, compositions become a curio. Therefore achieving a complete overview isnīt far away and reaching this goal a trifle.

  B-sharp  major
( 2 )
C-sharp major  ( 50 ) ( 66 )  A-flat minor
A-sharp minor  ( 2 )  
  eclipse  éclaircie
( 84 )
( 12 )  C-flat major
Complete Overview

( 130 / 214 )
en suspens  ( 10 )   ( 35 )  chose faux
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